Senior Designer / Artist

Born and raised in Serbia, Neda started her career there by obtaining a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture degree. Neda’s creativeness and zest for life found her looking to new adventures which eventually lead her to the United States. New Orleans was one of her original visits where she ended up completing an Associate of Fine Arts Degree.

Neda has worked in historic homes in the Uptown New Orleans area bringing freshness to the interiors for the past 10 years as well as projects outreaching to Lafayette and Baton Rouge. Her composite style is one which exudes sophistication, elegance and world-influenced designs developed through her travels around the world. Her inspirations have been the exposure to cultural travels to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, in addition to North and Central America.

Neda is highly knowledgeable in furniture finishes and wall murals as well as commissioned art designed and implemented with her flair of feminine elegance. Her art has found clientele all over the United States and Europe. She not only delivers the interior space planning and furnishings, but she also completes the project with the art she creates to complement the schematic design. The art can transform into any style for the client’s special desires.

Neda has recently decided to invest her talents in Baton Rouge and is very excited to work with the enumerable clients of this local area.