Designer / Social Media Coordinator

“Interior design allows us to create an environment that truly feels like home. Designing is not my job, it’s my duty, my calling, and my passion. It is what keeps a smile on my face and my motivation alive. I am blessed to truly love what I do.”

As an interior design graduate from LSU, Kennedy Bilello’s passion for design shines through her and within her. Born and raised in South Louisiana, Kennedy’s southern charm can light up any room. Just like her personality, colors, patterns and a little sparkle or shine always excite her. With her many travels around the world and wide range of interests, Kennedy always finds the beauty in life and admires all aspects of design. She truly loves learning about the natural, social and scientific inspiration that flutters around her. Kennedy also has a concentrated interest in the history of art, architecture and interiors. By understanding the evolutionary details of design, Kennedy is able to comprehend and appreciate furniture, architecture, and art on a whole other level.

With previous experience in home décor and fabric sales, Kennedy is thrilled to join our team. Kennedy’s talented skills in design, selling, client relations, computer technology and photography always keeps her busy. She’s constantly moving from the showroom floor, to client’s home, to behind the computer or the camera. Kennedy also discovered a skill for marketing, public relations and graphic design after taking the initiative to manage our social media pages. She also works with our IT company and InRegister magazine to design our website and magazine ads. Kennedy applies much research to her creative writing and design skills to market our business on a day to day basis. As she continues to soak in a knowledge of design through her talented coworkers, Kennedy feels truly blessed to have found her passion in interior design. It is one of her main sources of happiness.